Card games are one of the most beloved entertainments of mankind. Playing cards accompany a person on trips, fill his free time at home, at work, with friends and relatives. In casinos, card games, where much depends on luck, rightfully occupy a central place. All card games can be divided into two types: commercial (whist, preference) and gambling (poker, blackjack). Commercial games are usually long and multi-level. They are used to take free time at home, on trips. Gambling is characterized by more dynamic rallies. They were created to make money in roadside cafes, bars.

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It is not surprising that gambling card games became popular in the casino. The simple idea of ​​shuffling cards, randomly giving out some of them to the players, and determining which of them turned out to be stronger, sometimes allows you to earn millions of dollars. After all, the most important thing in this idea is that before the distribution, each participant puts their money on the line (that is, makes bets).