Online casino fraud is a group of frauds in which the victim is attracted by the offer to quickly and easily earn money by playing over online casinos. Advertising of this way of earning claims that there is a way by which you can guaranteedly win money in online casinos, and that the author of the advertising message is ready to share this method on certain conditions or for free. As a result, the victim loses the money that he invested in this adventure.

In the oldest form of fraud, the fraudster claims to be aware of a vulnerability in online casino software that can help him secure regular earnings. A fraudster is ready to sell this information to everyone for a small amount. The buyer receives a description of the martingale system or the like, well known among gamblers, to make sure that it is impossible to earn in this way. A fraudster can make money by selling online store vulnerability lists. As a rule, a scammer reveals one of the ways to attract potential buyers. This method can help the victim lose money, or convince her to buy the entire list, which is completely useless.