Roulette is a popular game that is an invariable attribute of land-based gaming clubs and online casinos. It is presented in the form of a large gaming table, betting fields and croupier. With the development of the Internet sphere, online roulette is gaining popularity, including with a live dealer. What are the features of this casino game? What rules and strategies do you need to know? What to consider to get big winnings in roulette? We will consider these and other points below. Further on the list, you can choose an online institution for playing roulette for real money or for free.

The history of roulette began in the 18th century, when entertainment first appeared in gambling clubs in Europe and the United States. Over time, new types of games (American, European and others) gained distribution, which we will dwell on below. In the CIS countries, roulette gained the greatest popularity after the advent of online casinos. The goal is to guess the cell that the ball will occupy after the rotation is complete. Depending on the situation, it may fall by a certain number or occupy a specific sector (in color). You can bet on odd / even or more / less. Players have the right to combine options to increase the probability of winning.